Powersoft BPO is a skilled group of professionals who have developed a strong foundation through their collaboration with teams and virtual assistants from Sri Lanka.


Let Us Do It For You!

Powersoft BPO originated from recognizing the growing problem of unfilled positions that require the right teams or virtual assistants with the appropriate skills and expertise. Additionally, there was a concern regarding virtual professionals applying for projects solely based on availability rather than possessing the necessary qualifications.

Our objective is to utilize our expertise and connections to assist you and your business in overcoming the daily challenges that you encounter. By entrusting your tasks to Powersoft BPO, you can delegate time-consuming responsibilities, enabling you to concentrate on crucial aspects of your business operations.

Each task and interaction with you presents a chance to enhance value and maximize your business potential. Our team is committed to adhering to your processes, ensuring that Powersoft BPO consistently meets your expectations. Allow us to become your trusted partners for the future, serving as your valuable resource for growth.


Elevate your business to new heights by utilizing the expertise of a highly skilled and professionally
trained virtual assistant.

Our team

Azmeer Ali Managing Director of Powersoft BPO

Azmeer Ali

Managing Director

Abdul Razzak Sales Partner of Powersoft BPO

Abdul Razzak

Sales Partner

Halir Ramzi Chief Executive Officer of Powersoft BPO

Halir Ramzi

Chief Executive Officer